Twenty(20) Ways to Treat a Lady to Make her Forget her Boyfriend

It’s not a great feeling when you know that the most beautiful girl that you really want to have already belongs to another man. Do you know that your effort to love her doesn’t have to stop because of that fact?
You might not like the thought of competing with her boyfriend to get her heart but it is the only thing you should do if you want to get her. Do not worry, it is not that hard. What you need to do is to follow these ways on how to make a girl leave her boyfriend and fall in love with you :

1. Be A Friend With Them First
The thing you need to do first is to make yourself known to them. So start by introducing yourself to them and be their friend.

2. Talk With Them Constantly
If you continually talk with them, they will slowly grow fond of you. You can use the How to Make Your Crush Fall in Love with You Over Text

3. Compliment Them From Time To Time
A great way to get to their good side is by complimenting them. To up your compliment game, use the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved

4. Be Available For Her
If you want them to go to you, be available to them at all times.

5. Make Her Trust You
You need them to start to trust you so that she is ready to leave her boyfriend. The way to do that is to do nothing to purposely harm her.

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6. Always Be Kind To Her
Being kind to her will slowly make her heart melt, thinking that you have the Signs He’s Boyfriend Material

7. Use The Sentence ‘If I Am Your Boyfriend..’
This metaphor is a way to show her that you are superior from her current boyfriend.

8. Be Relentless
If anything comes your way, never back down easily because it is a hard game indeed.

9. Don’t Be Close To Another Girl
To make her truly loyal to you, all you need to do is to not chase another girl while chasing her.

10. Listen Intently When She Rants To You
When a girl rants, it is your time to know her secret that you can use to get her in the future.

11. Exploit Her Boyfriend’s Weakness Gently
If she ever tells you about his weakness, make a big deal of it slowly to show hoe bad he is.

12. Make Small Romantic Efforts
Use the Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You to show how much you want her in a subtle way.

13. Be There When She Is Emotional
When she feels big emotion, be there to soothe her and convince her of her worth.

14. Be Patient With Her
Patience is rarely seen in a guy and it is a quality that will make her love you.

15. Be Supportive
When you choose to be supportive of her, you are making a choice that will make her feel loved forever.

16. Don’t Be Too Pushy On Her Leaving Him
If you push her too much, she will hate you.

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17. Get To Know Her Better
an attempt to get to know her better will be great for the future.

18. Always Look Good
Looking your best will surely make her fall in love with you.

19. Hang Out With Her More
Spending time with her puts you on her mind for a long time.

20. Give Her Her Favorite Things
a gift is always a nice way to make her like you more.

Author: Don9ja