5 Types Of Guys That Will Always Keep In Touch

The world of relationship is very interesting especially if you are a lady. As a matter of fact, some guys will always keep in touch no matter the distance. While some of them are genuine, many others have ulterior motives.

Those with ulterior motives always hover around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. However, this article will unveil to our readers the 5 types of guys that will always keep in touch.

The 5 Types Of Guys That Will Always Keep In Touch

#1. Your Ex Boyfriend

Your Ex-boyfriend is one of the guys that will always keep in touch. Sometimes, their keeping in touch can be very genuine, while other times it can be dangerous especially when they want you back.

#2. The Guy You Promised Sex

It may interest you to know that nobody checks on you more than the man you promised sex. They will never give up until they get want they want.

In fact, they will always hover around, looking for the next opportunity to grasp. As a rule, be careful of such guys.

To put it differently, stay away from them if possible and stop answering their calls. Some of them just want to “Chop and run”, remember the cookie jar is a sacred shrine that is meant for your husband alone.

#3. The Guy You Have Had Sex With Before (The Oliver Twist)

One of the guys that always keep in touch is the person you have had sex with in the past. He is like an Oliver Twist who will always come back for more, especially if he had a good experience the last time.

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These guys are never genuine in any of their act of kindness, rather there are just waiting for the next opportunity to strike again.

Watch your back when dealing with guys like these, they don’t care whether you are married or in a relationship, they just want to eat from the cookie jar again.

#4. The Man That Truly Loves You

A man that truly loves you will always keep in touch. Certainly, they can go extra miles just to get your attention. They always start interesting conversations with you. These guys are relatively genuine compared to the first 3 above.

#5. Your Childhood Friend

No matter the distance, your childhood friend is one of the guys that will always keep in touch. They remember how you guys grew up and the precious innocent moments you spent together as children.

These memories will always make them keep in touch without ulterior motives. The fact that you spent your childhood together makes it always fun to hang around these guys. This is because you always have things to talk about.

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