Seven(7) Things Men Do For The Women They Love

Men show that they care for a woman in a manner that is different from how women show it. If a man publicly displays his affection for you, just know he is not messing around. A man that has expressed his feelings to the world  has shown extreme vulnerability and that is something he will only do for a woman he cares about.
Here are seven things men only do with the woman they love.

1. He listens.
You are not completely wrong if you sometimes think or see men as behaving like kids. Most men only focus on the things they are passionate about. If they love you, your voice sound like music so all you have to do is say something that they are interested in and you have their full attention. If a man truly loves you, he will go beyond hearing you. He will pay attention to your words.

2. He fights with you.
Yes, that is correct. Fights don’t always mean that your relationship is going to hell. If he is truly invested in your relationship, he will fight, discuss and find solutions to the problems that caused the fight in the first place. It’s a sign that he wants things to work out and as such, he tries to find the middle ground where you’re both happy.

3. He makes sacrifices for your happiness.
This is one of the greatest signs of love. If he displeases himself to please you, it only means he wants you to be happy and is willing to put you above even himself.

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4. He fights for your love.
A man that loves you will be willing to take punches as they come as long as it would mean that he keeps you for himself. A man that truly loves you will make it known to you that he feels lucky to have you as well as make it known that he wouldn’t want to loose you.

5. He’s proud of your achievements.
A man in love will see his woman’s achievement as his own. It’s similar to the feeling a mother has when are child does something outstanding for the first time. He won’t compete with you, instead he will win with you.

6. He thinks you look beautiful even on your worst days.
You will always look beautiful to a man that loves you no matter how tough your day might have been.

7. He cares about your family and friends.
A man that loves you understand that there are other people in your life such as family and friends and because they are important to you, they are important to him as well. He will patiently listen to you as you share detailed stories about you families and your friends.
If there is a problem, he will offer suggestions with genuine interest just to ensure you are happy.

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Author: Don9ja