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13 Signs You’re a Truly Beautiful Woman

What does it mean to be truly beautiful? A lot of women have become too obsessed with the idea of beauty largely because media has fed them with a distorted definition of beauty- perfection. They thought it’s all about the curves, the face, and the body. However, being truly beautiful starts from the inside. More than the looks, real beauty is about having a strong personality, creating positive impact, and being yourself- despite the whole world telling you to become someone else you’re not.

Here are some signs you’re a truly beautiful woman:

1. You are confident. 
There’s nothing more attractive than a truly confident woman. When you are confident, you get to do the things that you want, you get to say what you want to say, and you get to show the real you without worrying too much about what the society has to say. When you are confident, you will never be afraid to look different, act different, and think different. People will simply appreciate you for being you.

2. You know you’re not perfect. 
Despite the confidence, you know that you’re not perfect because no one is and no one can be. You embrace your flaws, and you don’t let them beat you down. Rather, you work on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. You welcome people’s constructive criticisms and shrug off unhealthy comments. You’re aware that you can’t please everyone, so you choose to focus on the things that matter. You’ve decided to love yourself for being perfectly imperfect.

3. You are passionate. 
They can see it in your eyes. Whenever you get to buy your favorite book, your eyes just sparkle. Whenever you travel to a new place, you bloom even more. Whenever you talk about your goals in life, you get too excited, you own your story, and you really know what you want. You are focused on achieving your goals. You are full of passion in everything that you do, and that burning passion makes you effortlessly beautiful.

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4. You are not afraid to speak up. 
You know your rights, and you never hesitate to voice out your opinions. You know when to listen and when to talk back. You know when to take a stand. You love engaging in healthy conversations. You know that just like anybody else, you are free to speak your mind.

5. You take care of yourself. 
You want to look good and feel good because you know it’s healthy for you. You want to stay fit because you simply want to. You want to do a makeover because it will boost your confidence. You cut your hair because you simply want a change. You take good care of yourself, not because of other people but because of yourself. You take care of yourself because you know that’s what you deserve.

6. You’re comfortable being yourself. 
Wherever you are, whoever you talk to, whatever you do, you are just being yourself. You are proud of who you are, and you’re living your life unapologetically. You can be sophisticated and reserved. You can be goofy and happy-go-lucky. You know it’s liberating to just be yourself. You want people to love you for being you. If they can’t handle your true self, then maybe they don’t deserve a spot in your life.

7. You are happy. 
Your smile is irresistible you get to make other people smile too. There are just so many things you are thankful for, and you are truly happy. You appreciate the small things. Life’s a bumpy road, but you choose to be happy. You choose to laugh at people’s jokes and celebrate the fact that you have people around who truly support you.

8. You want to explore new things. 
You know you won’t stay in this world forever, so you want to gain as many experiences as you can. You love adventures. You love taking risks. You love to learn new things. You want to meet new people, and you continuously seek for self-improvement. You want surprises. You love spontaneity. You simply want to explore life.

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9. You are smart. 
People will say you are an emotional wreck. Truth is, you’re a complex beautiful being. You are smart- not just book smart but smart in so many aspects. You want deep and meaningful conversations. You’re attracted to people with beautiful minds. You love to learn, and you want to share these learnings to whoever is willing to learn.

10. You have an open mind. 
People adore you because you have an open mind. You’re not quick to judge. You love to welcome different ideas. You know you can’t insist on your beliefs and principles on someone. You love to listen to people’s stories. You want to get the full picture first before giving out any comment. You are open to changes, and you are mature enough to handle those changes.

11. You have a pure heart. 
You love to help people, and you don’t expect anything in return. You truly care about them. You know that behind each smile may be a broken soul, so you try to be more understanding. You try to be careful with what you say. You are willing to listen to your friends and colleagues, and you’re just genuinely happy for being able to do something for them.

12. You are independent. 
You love being a strong and independent woman. You don’t wait for other people to do the work for you. You do things on your own. You know that you’re responsible for your own happiness. You love to spend some time alone. You feel at peace whenever you get to sit in the corner and just appreciate your own space and time.

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13. You’re no quitter. 
You’ve been to a lot of problems, and you’ve only become stronger and stronger. You get tired, you got broken, and you’ve been at your worst. However, you always try to get back up. You always return smarter and bolder.

Sure, there’s no single definition of beauty, but real beauty certainly transcends physical beauty. It’s all about your attitude. It’s all about how you carry yourself. It’s all about how you stay true to yourself. It’s all about loving yourself. So, never ever be sorry for being different, for being you, and for being truly beautiful.

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