Don’t ask a lady this Five(5) Question on a First Date

The first date with a lady is usually nerve-wracking, especially for the nice guys who aren’t players. Most times, several questions pop up in your mind during the first date with a beautiful lady of your choice.

Well, try to keep some of your questions for another day and focus on a normal conversation. Before you start asking personal questions, there should be a level of closeness. Below are the questions you should not ask a lady on a first date.

Don’t ask a lady this Five(5) Question on a First Date

#1. ‘What Happened To Your Last Relationship’?

Asking this type of question on the first day will definitely make a Lady feel uncomfortable. Focus more a normal everyday conversation rather than an interrogation.

Once you start interrogating a lady on a first date, you will feel judged. Therefore, what you should focus on is establishing a connection with her. Once you have this connection, every other thing will play out naturally.

#2. ‘Why Are You Still Single’?

This is also among the 9 questions you should ask a lady on a first date. This question may be very innocent and well intended, but the lady may take it personally. Trust me, it could ruin the date.

#3. ‘How Many Men Have You Slept With’?

Well, asking a lady how many sexual partners they have slept with is not cool. However, you can listen if they decide to tell you their past love experience, but don’t ask them especially on the first date.

#4. What Do You Think Is The Future Of This Relationship?

This is another premature question you shouldn’t ask a lady. When the connection and flow is there, it is natural to keep seeing each other once the connection is established.

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#5. How Much Money Do You Make?

It is not cool to be asking a lady how much she makes when you barely know her. This will send the wrong message that you are just after her money. However, if she decides to be open with this, you can listen to her attentively.

These are the 5 questions you should not ask a lady on a first date. Was this article helpful? Kindly share with your friends on social media and don’t forget to drop a comment below.

Author: Don9ja