Three(3) Best Ways to Flirt with a Guy

But obviously, guys are very different from ladies in a myriad of ways, so here are some more specific methods to send the right message to the dude of your dreams:

Get physical
Go ahead: touch! Physical contact is not only a sign that you’re interested — if he feels the same way, it’ll also shoot a mini jolt of romantic electricity through his body. So the next time he makes a funny joke, give him a little tap, squeeze, or even one of those playful punches of yours! (Just don’t knock him out.)

Ask questions; keep conversation flowing; suggest plans. The younger or less mature the guy, the more direct you might need to be (e.g. “Want to get coffee some time?”), as a lack of experience can translate to a lack of assertiveness. But a more self-assured dude who’s already into you will pick up on even the most subtle of prompts (e.g. “Cool sneakers.”) and flirt right back.

Maintain distance
However, it’s important not to get too aggressive. You need to periodically give your interactions some breathing room, and allow him to make some of the moves. As I’ve pointed out before, guys do value “the chase,” making a “hard-to-get” (though not “impossible-to-get”) girl that much more desirable.

I wouldn’t worry about vague signals such as “biting your lip,” which can be ignored — or worse, misinterpreted (“Did you burn your mouth?”). Eye contact and smiles are great to start with, but guys can be pretty thickheaded, often not as attuned to social or emotional cues as women are. Don’t hesitate to ramp up the obviousness if your crush doesn’t pick up on a simple visual hint!

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Good luck!

Author: Don9ja