This is a post sponsored by… Sex is one of those things that keep your relationship spicy and interesting, and it is also very important.Unfortunately, a lot of guys are selfish lovers and most times, leave their girlfriends sexually unsatisfied. Most men cannot hit their woman well and they ejaculate too quickly. But the good

Beware of the Lukewarm Lover!

Four ways to deal with someone whose feelings are neither hot nor cold… See if you can relate to the struggle faced by Kristen, who has been dating Ben for a year. Actually, the word “dating” is too strong and specific. It’s better to say they have been “hanging out” and “spending time” in their

The One Major Cause of Relationship Problems

Many people share with us that they are seeking the “cure” to their relationship woes. They’re looking for something they could do, change, fix, adjust, add or remove that will take away their loneliness and bring love to their lives. This investigative thinking is definitely part of the cure; the challenge, of course is the

20 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love

Anyone who’s experienced heartbreak knows that there’s no magic formula for making someone fall in love with you. (Or in some cases, back in love with you). However, you can up your chances of making that special lady swoon by following a few of these simple tips. 1) Be All Ears Women like to work