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Five(5) Serious Reasons Why Most Women Avoid Having S*x

Many men are quick to conclude that their partners are satisfied with their s*x life simply because the woman has not been complaining. However, they also express surprise that their partner is hardly in the mood for s*x, and she is always coming down with headaches and tiredness towards bed time. Experts say while the […]

How to Know If a Woman is in The Mood For S*x

Whatever the reason may be, you can relax in knowing that you won’t have to second-guess yourself if you know her motives for the evening. Will she sleep with you or not? Here are the signs that she is ready to get the deed done. 1 She touches you in intimate places. Hold up. I’m […]

Twenty(20) Lovely Ways to Surprise Your Husband

Few things make my husband feel more special than a well thought out surprise. I’m not sure why a gift is better when it comes as a surprise rather than something expected, but over the years I’ve discovered the response is definitely different. If I’m passing the local frozen yogurt shop and call to see […]

To stay in love forever, do these Twelve(12) things with your husband

First comes love, then comes marriage … then some couples just seem to get lost along the way. If you’re looking for the path to lasting love, you might find it an uphill hike. Making your relationship last forever takes effort (fortunately, most of it is enjoyable). Here are a few ways to make sure […]

Five Marriage ‘Rules’ That Are False and Don’t Work (Must Read)

There are certain marriage ‘rules’ married couples have been made to believe over the years that may not be entirely true. 1. You should never sleep in separate beds There is no hard and fast rule about married couples sleeping together every day, day in, day out. What if one is a lethal snorer? Does […]

These are the Seven (7) Types of Men That Women Just Can’t Say No To

There are certain kinds of men that women drool over at all times. These are some of those kinds of men. Always wondered why some guys always manage to get the best of girls? Well, the secret is not good looks or a well-defined six pack, but the fact that women simply get attracted to […]

Why Beautiful, Smart Ladies Fall in Love With Silly, Ugly Guys

The reasons why every individual engages in certain things like making the choice of lovers is mostly personal. In essence, what works for you might not work for someone else. No doubt, this is a recent trend in the world of relationships. Below is a question from an anonymous reader on why beautiful and smart […]

Seven (7) Things You Need To Know If You’re Dating A Man With Kids

You’ve probably realized by now life isn’t all rainbows and B.utterflies. And if you haven’t yet, you soon will. By the time you reach you late 20s and early 30s, the baggage starts to add up. As you get older, you begin to accumulate stuff. Not more expensive kinds of face cream, that’s just physical […]

Five (5) Overlooked Reasons Marriages Fail

Marriage success is not attained by luck. It requires hard work and patience, as well as a lot of reflection. By being mindful of how satisfied you are in your relationship in addition to being aware of how your partner feels, you’ll be able to stop problems before they make a heavy impact. The reasons […]

Five (5) Ways To Tell If You’re Dating Your Forever Person

Here are five signs that you’ve found your forever person: 1. You feel at home when you’re together. This may be complicated to understand, but bear with me. Have you ever had the feeling that when you’re with your SO, there’s no other place you’d rather be? You had an awful day and all you […]