Three(3) Ways of Overcoming Relationship Conflict

It's easy to hate someone you love every now and then, just make sure to fix the problem before the love is gone. (Photo: Photodune)
February 19, 2018

Loading… Being in a relationship is wonderful. You’ve found someone that can more than tolerate you, they actually love you flaws and all. Falling in love for some is easy, but maintaining a happy, healthy relationship is the hard part. Anytime you are around someone for a significant amount of time, you are bound to annoy each other at some point or other. Maybe it’s something you say or just…


Ten(10) Things You Should Stop Doing in Your Relationship Immediately

Dont's in a relationship
February 10, 2018

Loading… Are you in a toxic relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Toxic means it is draining your energy, giving you a headache, and choking you. You love him/her, but sometimes you want to break loose from the relationship. Before considering a breakup, you have to find out what makes your relationship toxic and try your best together to eliminate those reasons. Below are some of the things that you must stop doing…