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Five Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Diabetes (Must Read)

Loading… Diabetes has become prominent in Nigeria of late with the health of sufferers constantly threatened with the life-threatening ailment. Diabetes is two different types, both involving the hormone insulin. In type 1, which typically strikes before age 25 and only accounts for about 5 percent of the disease, the pancreas stops producing insulin, which is required to usher blood sugar (glucose) into the body’s cells.Type 2 diabetes typically develops…


Six Tips To Starting Your Own Business (Must read)

Loading… These are some basic steps that could be followed by an entrepreneur in a bid to start his own business. Starting a business is not an easy one even when you have all the financial assistance you need. There are challenges potential entrepreneur encounter which maybe finance, experience and so many other unforseen contingencies. Starting a business is difficult and easy at the same time depending on how you…


Caution: Hidden Dangers of Drinking Cold Water

Loading… Cold water is well desired by human beings especially after having a hectic day or strenuous activity under the scorching sun.   We all as individuals love cold stuffs especially after a sunny hectic day, we need some cold drinks or water to refresh and cool our body. This includes even me that’s writing this to you all lol; But we need to know this and how to minimize…


5 Advantages Of Waking Up Early

Loading… Following is a list of reasons which will convince you to set your alarm for 6 a.m. tomorrow. 1. More productivity Getting up early gives you a kick start for the day ahead. Besides allowing you more hours for your work, it also boosts your speed. Studies have suggested that when a person gets up early, he is more energetic and takes lesser time to do a task that…


Guys, Listen and Learn: These are Five Ways to Make Women Chase You

Loading…   If you have been an issue with women liking you in recent times, then you have to sit down and go through this now. 1. Stand still If you’re standing at a party using cheesy pick-up lines, you’ll never master the skills. Stop before your embarrass yourself. Work instead on your confidence and sense of mystery. Be the tall dark stranger at the bar and not the prattling…


5 Things Your Lover Does Not Want to Hear About Your Ex Boyfriend

Loading… There are certain things your current boyfriend does not need to know about your ex boyfriend. These are some of those things. When it comes to starting a relationship, the question about the exes is going to come up. You both want to know about your previous significant others and you want to share the ups and downs of the relationships, including why you broke up with them. However,…