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Ladies!!10 Sign a Guy will Sleep with You When You Pay Him a Visit

Loading… Lemme quickly go straight to the point without beating around the bush Ladies, 10 Signs A Guy Will Sleep With You When You Visit Him 1. His Friends vacate the room Just when you get to his place and his friends start going out of the room one after the other until you are left alone. This has already been planned prior to your arrival. Don’t think they left…


7 Sexiest Spots to Touch In a Woman to Turn Her On

Loading… Besides the vagina, butt, and breasts, there are some other areas that can arouse women and make them crazy for you. Men should know what these areas are, because women can sense please all over their body. Touch these areas as foreplay or to relax your girl after a hard day at work and you will see how it will turn out… Tip #1 Place a few light kisses…


7 Sex Positions You Need to Know

Loading… Great sex shouldn’t always be confined to just your bed (or your house, for that matter). While there’s definitely a delicate balancing act between hot, out-of-the-bedroom sex and a police report to consider, if the mood strikes, there are positions that make it easier to drop your pants and get busy right away. Check out these moves that will help you give in to that gotta have you now…


How You Can Approach a Girl

Loading…  You can approach girls – often – but you still get nervous when you approach BEAUTIFUL women. You start conversations easily, but often you steer them into just trivial chit-chat. And.. Well look, I don’t want to treat you with kid gloves. The reality is that, when you see a woman you REALLY WANT, you don’t put your best foot forward. You become polite. You become nervous. You become…


9 Tips You Need to Get flat Stomach

Loading… Every Woman wants to achieve a toned, flat tummy.. Many people think starving themselves is the best way to get a flat tummy, but trust me, your results will only be temporary and you will feel frustrated sooner, which makes you much more likely to give up.  If you want a flat tummy, follow these 9 Simple Steps To Flatten Your Stomach. 1. Drink enough water. Drinking lots of water…


8 Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Loading… The fallout of a separation can be extremely destroying particularly on the off chance that regardless you need to make it work with the other individual. We’ve discussed How To Get Your Ex-beau Back, yet now is the right time to assist the gentlemen. This review is about getting that one final opportunity to make things right with your ex young lady. It will give you the learning that…


9 Reasons Curvy Girls Are The Best In B.E.D

Loading… Now, women with natural curves can rest easy knowing that they are better in  bed than their size-zero counterparts. And that’s a fact. Curvy women have been making a comeback on the catwalk and new research reveals that having more meat on your bones doesn’t just look great, it actually makes you better in b ed. A female editor Katy Horwood from Metro.co.uk made a list of reasons why…


Ladies beware!! 4 Gross Things That Happen to Your Vagina After cleaning With tissue Paper

Loading… If you’ve been leaving the bathroom feeling sore, irritated, itchy, or otherwise uncomfortable, you aren’t alone. Here’s the awful stuff that toilet paper can do to your vagina AND what you can do to stop the icky cycle. 1. Microcuts This is the stuff of nightmares, but when you wipe your vagina you can create hundreds of microcuts on your labia and elsewhere. This is not only painful but can…


Guys!Reasons You Get Rejected By Girls

Loading…  They say attractiveness resides on a subtle layer just below the surface of your skin, but so does “not attractive.”  So feel free to do some soul-searching, you just might be turning the women off without even knowing it. 1. The Naive Romantic You have this jaded idealized perception of women that is a result of limited personal experience and self-imposed ignorance. You are constantly on the look out…