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Steps Towards Being a Good Date At All Time

Loading… To have an interesting date that leaves both of you glad and energized, you have to take in the mystery behind knowing how to be a good  date.  Dating and meeting potential dates is a characteristic piece of the single life, particularly on the off chance that you need to find that perfect somebody for yourself. Fixing a date may be time consuming .Anyway not knowing how to be…


How to Prevent a Break Up In A Relationship

Loading… Every relationship has its ups and its downs. Sometimes a relationship heads in the wrong direction, and we are left wondering why our partner seems tense and terse with us. Where did the love go? And what will we do if we lose the one we love? There are steps you can take before the relationship is lost completely. StepsEdit 1 Assess your partner. Check their behaviour and see if…


10 steps To Live A More Spiritual Life

Loading… Here are my top ten tips to spiritualizing your life: 1) Spirituality is not religion. It’s not the same thing that your parents or the guy in the suit knocking on your front door is pedaling. Spirituality arises from somewhere deep inside you. It is a belief that you harbor for no apparent reason. You believe there is more to life, and whilst you can’t quantify or fully explain…


3 Types of Women Every Man dreams To Marry

Loading… Marriage is for the wise, marriage is for those who are insightful. There is no point constituting menace to the society simply because you and your spouse are not compatible. We are tired of hearing cases of domestic violence and abusive relationships. As beautiful as marriage is, it is not a do or die affair. It is important for you to choose your partner carefully in order to have…

Ladies Feel Cheated

MUST READ! Why Ladies Feel Cheated

Loading… Ladies Feel Cheated: In recent times, disagreements and arguments seem inevitable in relationships. What brings about them is however difficult to pinpoint. Most times, girls are perceived to be the instigators of such issues. Why Ladies Feel Cheated   The question hits our minds and different people come up with various resolutions depending on either experience or stories heard. Reduction in communication triggers that feeling of insecurity. In the…