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Thirteen(13) Attitudes To Get Rid Of Healthy And Happy Love Relationships

Loading… Thirteen(13)  Attitudes to get rid of for a healthy and happy love relationship Is your relationship suffering and lacking peace and love? are you wondering what may be the cause? check to see where you err and follow the helpful instructions to get rid of frustration, suffering, and pain for a happy and successful love relationship. First things first, you must first be sure if your relationship is worth…


Six(6) Possible Signs to Show that he will still beat you up Even in marriage

Loading… There is no sure way of telling whether a husband or boyfriend will beat you, but there are certain warning signs to look for. Any one of these by itself might mean little, but several of them together is bad news. Below are a list of behaviours, traits and beliefs which are common in abusive personalities. These are commonly known as warning signs of abusive personalities . 1. Jealousy…

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Why Women Cheat – 4 Reasons Why a Woman Cheats on Her Man

Loading… Are you trying to understand what you did to deserve the agony and embarrassment of being cheated on? Are you floundering as you try to figure out why your woman cheated on you, and whether you can trust her again? Here are a few thoughts to help you understand your partner. Basic Instincts: Sexual Preferences Women have crazy sexual desires too – just like men do, but few girls…


Things You Ladies Shouldn’t do When You Meet a Guy for the very First Time

Loading… Relationship expert and blogger, Joro Olumofin, shared on Instagram the 20 things he believes ladies should avoid in a relationship. See full list of the 20 things he thinks ladies shouldn’t do when they meet a new guy, below. 1. Don’t take your friends along with you when he invites you on a date 2. Don’t go to his house unannounced 3. Don’t ask him for money 4. Don’t…


Seven(7) things unhappy couples have in common

Loading… They are very good at fighting each other in public places, making snide remarks behind each other’s backs and practically carry signs on their heads which says: We are unhappy! The signs of couples who are extremely unhappy are very obvious and they just leave you wondering why they are still together. They are very good at fighting each other in public places, making snide remarks behind each other’s…


Lack of Intimacy Can Destroy Relationships. Find out How?

Loading… Lack of intimacy can destroy relationships although some of you guys may think that sex is not everything in a relationship. But deep down inside you, you will feel that there is something missing without intimacy. Then, you will start to have negative thoughts in your mind, which will affect your relationships in some way or another. When there is a lack of intimacy in a relationship, you will…


Ten(10) Things You have Being doing/not Being doing of which You Need to Start doing now to Avoid Cheating in Your Relationship

Loading… 1. Always let him know how much you love him Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to begin to develop a false sense of security. You should never forget that even though he’s a man, he still has feelings. Most women may start to take their men for granted when they’ve been together for a while. This eventually makes the man feel…


Give Your Relationship The Gift Of Self

Loading… Do you want a partner who needs you? One who always agrees with everything you say? Someone who puts you on a pedestal? One who is always putting your wants and needs ahead of their own? Do you want to be that kind of partner? That might sound wonderful initially.  As you think about it, you may start to realize that a partner like that could never be an equal partner….


Ten(10) Internal Dating Obstacles

Loading… As a psychologist and dating coach I often hear singles complain about the many external things that annoy them about dating. They run the gamut from crazy things that their dates do, to the pitfalls of online dating, to the difficulties of meeting people, being rejected and more. There are also many internal things that block us from successfully dating and we tend to ignore them. These determine how…