• 15 Real Signs That You are in One-Sided Relationship
  • Eleven(11) Lies A Toxic Relationship Will Make You Believe
  • How To Create the Intimacy You Have Always Wanted
  • The Painful Part of Every Relationship
  • Five(5) reasons why you still can’t get over your ex
relationship myths

Five(5) Most Common Relationships Myths

Loading… Before entering a relationship, each one of us have our ideals on how a good relationship should be like and how it should feel when you have found the one. These ideals set up our standards and determine our behavior in the relationship. It also serves as the basis to asses our relationship satisfaction and our views about a long-term relationship. Most people believe that a perfect relationship is…


Top 10 Prominent And Fascinating Fall Date Ideas

Loading… Are you finding yourself running low on date ideas with your significant other? Whether it’s the changing colours of the trees or smell of pumpkin pie, there is something very romantic about fall. It’s the best time of the year to go on a first date and eventually fall in love. This season is perfect to meet someone new. Take advantage of this opportunity and tailor your outings to…


Four(4) Unique Dating Tips That Make You Stronger

Loading… Dating tips may be very useful when you realize your relationship should be improved as soon as possible. Nothing can be perfect. Being in a relationship means you have to give and take. It is important to learn the things that can make your relationship stronger so you can grow together. Yes, being adjusting and caring are the must-have traits to run a fascinating, long-term relationship. The person who…

find love online

6 Tips to Find Love Online Using Dating Websites

Loading… More and more people today are looking for love and relationships online through various dating apps and sites. Dating itself can be daunting no matter your age, but with the help of dating websites, meeting new people and starting new friendships are a lot easier. And these could be the starting point for a new found love.   If you are also looking for love and want to finally…


How to Date Someone From a Different Culture

Loading… DATING SOMEONE FROM A DIFFERENT CULTURE CAN BE A FANTASTIC WAY TO BROADEN YOUR WORLD, BUT CAN ALSO PRESENT SOME UNIQUE CHALLENGES. Dating someone who is from a different culture, who lives different kind of life than you, gives you the opportunity to gain an entirely new view of the world. It also gives you the opportunity to learn a new language. When you date someone from a different…


How to Know if Someone is Right For You

Loading… It would seem that in a world with a population of few billion people there cannot be any loneliness. Nevertheless, every day someone is looking for his right second half. Every day someone finds his true love and every day someone loses it in order to get it again. After all, sometimes it is very difficult to recognize that only one special person. Is there any recipe that will…

Successful dating

Six(6) Essential COmponents OF Successful Dating

Loading… There are no shortcuts when it comes to dating. If you want a serious relationship, something that is true and genuine, you must be ready to invest time and effort. It’s not always going to be a walk in the park but it will be worth it in the end. While there are no specific rules which can guarantee dating success, there are some principles you can live by…

Second Date

7 Ways to Make Him Ask You Out for a Second Date

Loading… When you are out on a first date with a guy, and everything seems perfect during that night, the next thing you could wish for is to have a second date with this person. It is not every day that you get to meet and date your prince charming, so you want to grab this opportunity and make sure that you are not letting this chance go to get…