Fifteen(15) Reasonable ways to Tell Your Hubby You Love Him

November 2, 2017

Loading… If you want your man to say nice things to you, you have to start and tell him nice things too! Many men have said that they like to hear their wives tell them how much they love them too. So, spread the love and the positive energy in your relationship, and learn 15 cute ways to tell your hubby you love him. 1. If he went to work while you were sleeping,…


Babies Care Tip #33 – Never leave your baby alone in the bath tub

September 21, 2017

Loading… Parents, never do the mistake of leaving your baby in the bath tub even for a fraction of a second. Until the time you are using a bath tub to bathe your child in, keep this advice in mind. Accidents in the bathroom are very common and fatal too. Even the shallow water in the tub can drown your baby. Yes, this is true. If left unattended your baby…