Eight(8) Ways to Get Your Crush to Like You

April 8, 2018

Loading… When you have a crush, the first thing you would want to happen is for them to like you back. And finding out that they have feelings for you is more than enough to make you go crazy. But what if it isn’t the case? What if they only look at you as a friend? This is the sad part because liking or crushing on someone won’t mean that…


My Open Relationship Fulfills Me. Here’s How I Cope With Jealousy

November 2, 2017

Loading… Within a few minutes to talking to don9ja Meyers, it’s obvious why she’s the fitness instructor New York City can’t get enough of. Her voice is soft yet encouraging, she laughs easily, and she’s an open book: She won’t leave any questions unanswered, no matter how ridiculous or personal. If you’re going to work your core in ways you never thought possible, who better to do it with? Her never-not-sold-out workout classes…