Guys: What NOT To Do In Bed

October 6, 2017

Loading… Most women aren’t going to tell you to your face that one of your mattress moves isn’t hitting the mark… but I got them to tell me all about the techniques that usually leave them less than enthralled. I’m sure no one could ever accuse you of lacking in the sexual dynamo department, but despite your vast array of heated know-how, you may occasionally pull a move that, although…


Four(4) Mistake Men Make in Bed Women Share

Mistakes Men Makes In Bed According To Women
October 4, 2017

Loading… 1.When they’re too quiet Most of the women like it when guys are a little loud in bed. And they like it when they make the right amount of noise. 2.Awkward undressing skills A woman hates when the man doesn’t know how to set up the mood and has poor skills, it just turns them off. We agree that some pieces of female clothing are often testing the abilities,…


Six(6) Tips every Man need to be Good in Bed

September 11, 2017

Loading… also not being an asshole. After all, speaking strictly from a position of enlightened self-interest, a culture where women aren’t treated simultaneously as sex objects and then slut-shamed by the men that desire them for being sex objects is a culture where women are going to be more willing to express themselves sexually. Thus, I encourage men to be sex-positive but also to look for the sex they want in a way that doesn’t make women uncomfortable or…