Reasons Why Sex Between Friends Is Anything But Casual

October 8, 2017

Loading… Be mindful that F.W.B (Friends with Benefits) can be educational and very fun. However there are always negatives with this lifestyle. First, great fun can be easily confused with great escapism. Some people thrive as FWB because they have deep-rooted intimacy issues and it is a means to continue that dysfunctional repeating behavior pattern. When fun becomes escapism, the sex stops being satisfying and resorts to just another temporary…


Eight(8) Signs Your Partner May Have a Porn or Sex Addiction

8 Signs Your Partner May Have a Porn or Sex Addiction
October 1, 2017

Loading… Many spouses of sex addicts have difficulty trusting their “gut instincts” that something is wrong in their relationship. If unfamiliar with the traits of a sex addict, they may never have been concerned about their behavior during the marriage’s earlier stages. Sex addiction introduces distrust into their lives, which can lead to confusion and fear about how this will affect their marriage as well as their personal identity. There are defining signs that…


which is better-Casual sex vs sex with someone you love ?

September 20, 2017

Loading… What does love have to do with sex? A lot, reveals a study. According to the study, nearly all men whose most recent sexual event occurred with a relationship partner indicated being in love with the partner at the time they had sex. ‘We found it particularly interesting that the vast majority of men reported sex with someone they felt `matched’ with in terms of love, meaning that most…