How Do Men Show Their Love?

Exactly How Men Really Show Their Love
December 19, 2017

Loading…  This article is designed to do one thing: answer the question “How do men show their love?” By the end of this article, you’ll be able to see the love that he is (or isn’t) showing you much more clearly, and have a much better idea of whether he truly loves you or not.Usually, when a woman is trying to figure out how men show their love (and by…


Seven(7) Habits of Couples Who Have Amazing Sex Lives

November 27, 2017

Loading… We all know that couple, the one that can’t seem to get enough of each, oblivious to their screaming kids, their work schedules or their Netflix accounts. If you’re happy with your sex life, whether that means you have sex twice a day or twice a month, that’s awesome. But if you wish you could find the time or, let’s be honest, the energy to get busy on a more regular…


Four(4) Signs He’s Worth Marrying

November 23, 2017

Loading… The desire to be married and the desire to be single are both valid journeys. We shouldn’t assume getting married is the right path for everyone. But in a recent study statistics show a majority of people would rather be coupled up than end up single in the years after 30. I recently reviewed a book discussing the true characteristics of a man worth marrying. It’s titled: Marry Him:…


Eighteen(18) Things You Should Never Say to Newlyweds

October 31, 2017

Loading… Your best friend or a relative just got married? You’re trying to be friendly and open up a conversation so they can share with you their experience? However, there are things you should never say to newlyweds. Some questions can be very intimate, and you might sound like you’re intruding in their personal life. Also sometimes when you’re trying to advise someone out of good intention, it might end up ruining…


how to sexually arouse and seduce your husband

October 27, 2017

Loading… When it comes to sexual desire, some women find a hard time to sexually arouse and seduce their husbands. They don’t know how to get them in the mood for sex, and what to do to make them horny. Here’s a guide on how to sexually arouse and seduce your husband. Don’t worry ladies, all you need is confidence, and some tips and tricks, so read on to know how to sexually tease your man,…


Five(5) Sex Positions You Should Try with Your Husband

October 27, 2017

Loading… Change is always good and maybe it’s about time you stray away from the classics! Know some daring sex positions you should try with your husband. They are not the complicated kind of moves, but they are definitely not your usual ones. Work on the sparkle of your sex life, take notes below and check these five sex positions you should try with your husband… 1. Be on top. If he’s always used…


Fifteen(15) Fun Things Every Couple Should Try Doing Together

October 26, 2017

Loading… Many couples out there complain that their relationship kinds of gets mundane and boring after a while. Date night is always about the same activities, and they sometimes even run out of things to say! Don’t let that happen, and check out these 15 fun things every couple should trying doing together. Break your relationship routine, and take fun risks. Relationships need work, and you always need to take the time…


Eight(8) Workouts Designed To Enhance Your Bedroom Performance

October 20, 2017

Loading… One of the biggest benefits to exercise is that it doesn’t just help you look better. A good exercise regimen can do everything from increasing bone and joint strength, flexibility, cardiovascular ability and aerobic capacity, posture, reduce risks for certain diseases, and much, much more. Another thing that exercise, and resistance training specifically, can do is help you increase performance. Not just performance in the gym, or athletics, but…


Five(5) Dirty Reasons Why Couples quarreled

October 13, 2017

Loading… If you are reading this article, by now you’d be grown up enough to understand that every couple fights. The reasons vary from time to time, but the fighting remains constant. In some ways it becomes a part of life. I’m yet to find a couple that doesn’t fight, and I guess it’s the same with you. Quarrelling once in a while might actually be healthy, but doing it…


Fifteen(15) Ways To Be A Better Couple In Public

October 8, 2017

Loading… Want to be a better couple? Start by looking more like a couple in public with these 15 tips! 1. Always make your entrance “arm-in-arm.” 2. Wear outfits that match in a very subtle way. 3. Hold her chair for her at the table. 4. Compliment her in front of her friends. 5. Whisper your pet name to her. 6. Brush against him in a sexually suggestive way. 7….