Give Your Relationship The Gift Of Self

November 24, 2017

Loading… Do you want a partner who needs you? One who always agrees with everything you say? Someone who puts you on a pedestal? One who is always putting your wants and needs ahead of their own? Do you want to be that kind of partner? That might sound wonderful initially.  As you think about it, you may start to realize that a partner like that could never be an equal partner….


Why More Men Should Be ‘Just Friends’ With Women

November 4, 2017

Loading… “Wait, aren’t you the guy who says that men and women can’t be ‘just friends’?” Yep, that’s me. I have long held the (accurate) position that men and women are unable to be 100% platonic friends because a man’s biological programming will always bring thoughts into his head that escalate beyond friendship. Women are able to separate men into a ‘just friends’ category, whereas men don’t have this ability. But, that’s…