Is Long Distance Relationships REAL?

long distance love real
February 14, 2018

Loading… What I’ve noticed in my experience and research, is that some people, mostly those who don’t have a LDR, or those who don’t believe in LDRs, or even more so people who have gone through a failed LDR, will often claim that such relationships are NOT REAL relationships. But this feeling, unfortunately, is not limited only to people who don’t have, don’t believe in, or have failed a long…


Five(5) Signs to Show That He Don’t Want You Anymore

October 18, 2017

Loading… Do you suspect that your boyfriend wants to break up with you? Maybe you don’t want to seem paranoid, but you also don’t want to get caught off guard when he suddenly walks away. Smart thinking! Once you know the signs that he wants to break up with you, you can decide if your relationship is in jeopardy or if you’re just feeling insecure. Men tend to conceal their…


Things That Makes Long Distance Relationships So Interesting!

Independent and free
October 13, 2017

Loading… Most couples don’t prefer the long distance relationship routine. They think it’s the sole cause for all break-ups. Well, you are wrong! Have y’all even tried a long distance relationship for the benefits? If you’re truly in love with you better half, you both will do your best to make it work. Let me tell you what makes long distance relationships so interesting. Conversations are meaningful With long distance…