Eight(8) Possible Ways Yoga can Improve Your Sex Life

October 1, 2017

Loading… More and more people are discovering the benefits of practising yoga, from building strength to relieving stress. There’s another reason to join the yoga movement: It can improve your sex life. Here’s how: 1. Yoga can target your sexual zones. Many forms of yoga refer to the root lock “Mula Bandha,” which is the root of the spine, the pelvic floor, the perineum. Bringing awareness to these areas in a…


Ten(10) Things You Should Never Say to Women Who Love Working Out

September 13, 2017

Loading… Something I realized recently is that when I talk about going to the gym with friends who don’t like going to the gym, I pretend like I secretly hate working out in order to seem more Normal and Relatable. I realize I’ve been playing into that narrative that #fitness sucks because I feel weird and guilty being proud of all the hard work it truly takes to keep a regular gym…