Eleven(11) Steps Girls With Anxiety Show Their Love Differently

October 12, 2017

Loading… 1. It takes us time to fall in love. It takes us longer than the average person to fully fall in love because our anxiety makes us incredibly cautious. Our anxiety tells us that no one sane would ever fall in love with us back, and at times it can overpower our own thoughts. 2. We are guarded. We guard our own hearts like they could be taken from…


Five (5) Destructive Reasons Why Some Nigerian Girls Are Still Single

September 8, 2017

Loading… While a lot of ladies are happily in love and a lot more are happily getting married most weekends, there is a host of others who find this difficult are are still single to stupor. How do people meet and fall in love is what they keep asking.., How can they get lucky? Well, here are some brutally honest reasons why some Nigerian ladies are still single. 1. You…