The Do’s And Don’ts To Finding Your Swole Mate at the Gym

October 6, 2017

Loading… As much as we go to the gym for our health and to get SWOLE, it also becomes something social for a lot of people.  Besides working out with your friend or getting away from it all, it can be a great place to meet your swole mate, I mean Soul mate! Now keep in mind this isn’t why you should go but definitely a benefit considering that if…


Eight(8) Possible Ways Gyming Can Add to Your Sex Life

September 30, 2017

Loading… So you’re a gym addict, good news: It can improve your sex life in eight different ways. There are many parallels between the gym and your sex life. Think about it. The sweat, the flexing, aching muscles, the grunting… But it turns out your gym life and sex life don’t just sound (and smell) similar, the ‘action’ actually runs along parallel cardiovascular, muscular, and neurological pathways, which is why…