Ten(10) Simple Ways to Tell a Guy You aren’t interested in Him

August 9, 2018

Loading… Telling a guy straight out that you aren’t interested in him can feel terrible. Use these tips on how to tell a guy you don’t like him to do it right. One of the most horrible feelings is not being in love with someone who adores you. We have all stayed in a relationship a little longer than we should, either out of fear or the desire not to…


How to Wear Heels Safely During Pregnancy

November 6, 2017

Loading… Who doesn’t have a love affair with her shoes? A woman’s love for stilettos and high heels is exceptional. When you’re considering your maternity fashion, you should look for both comfort and style. Since being fashionable and feeling sexy is essential during pregnancy, you don’t have to give up wearing heels, yet there are some things that you should know prior to going out in your stilettos. Here are tips to…


Nine(9) Things You Can Do During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 28, 2017

Loading… November is widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the time to go pink and make a difference. That’s why I’ll share with you nine things you can do during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. From planning a fundraising event to donating your hair, there’s so much you can do to help educate women about the importance of breast cancer prevention and detection. So read along, and let us know what’s…


Women!!!! The Disease You Should Beware Off And How to Prevent It

October 20, 2017

Loading… The World Health Organization released a massive ‘Global Burden of Disease‘ report yesterday, charting the world’s leading causes of death and the most common health problems, as well as people’s biggest disease and disability risk factors in 50 individual countries. Here’s more information on the overall findings. We’re going to focus now on what the report says about the health of 20- to 45-year-old women in North America. I used this interactive tool from the Institute for Health…


How Sex Can be The Only Way out for Healthy Living

You Should Definitely Be Having More Sex, Because… Science
October 19, 2017

Loading… We all love a good throw down every now and again because, let’s be real, it’s a great time. But guys, here’s a little secret: Sex is more than just an evening (or afternoon or morning) of fun. In fact, according to science, getting busy on the regular can benefit your overall health in some pretty major ways. In the spirit of empowering ladies everywhere to get it on…


Home remedy for muscle sprain that works like a charm!

September 21, 2017

Loading… Let me just state for the record that I am not a person who believes in natural remedies. Nor am I  someone who will recommend natural remedies to anyone. But when you do not have access to medicines at home late at night or when it is Sunday and going to a doctor is ruled out, there’s nothing you can do except try these quick fixes at home. And time…


Pregnancy week-by-week guide — what to expect

bump talk
September 21, 2017

Loading… Pregnancy is joyous and challenging both at the same time for a woman. The process of fetal development consists of a lot of stages. In fact, every week your baby reaches a new milestone while your body undergoes some essential changes. Here is what happens during the 40 weeks of your pregnancy:Pregnancy first four weeks: Did you know that your countdown to pregnancy starts before you conceive? This is because…


What Happen When I switched from disposable pads to reusable cotton pads!

D&C-sanitary napkin-THS
September 21, 2017

Loading… I don’t know about you but the giant trash accumulated in the water bodies left me feeling guilty about the amount of waste we generate. So, I started making little changes like using glass water bottles instead of plastic ones and using cloth pads instead of the disposable ones. I switched to a line of reusable fragrance-free cotton cloth pads that last 2-3 years if you take good care…


Top Seven(7) health benefits of hugging you didn’t know!

Health benefits of hug
September 21, 2017

Loading… A mere hug from a friend or a loved one has the power to uplift your mood, when feeling down. Additionally, hugging your loved ones on happy occasions doubles the joy and instils a feeling of confidence to conquer the world. It is a sign of showcasing love and affection that not only provides emotional support but also renders numerous health benefits. Here are top 7 reasons why you…


Is Carbonated Water good for Your health?

Is Carbonated Water Bad for You?
September 8, 2017

Loading… Bubbles, bubbles everywhere Know the difference Club soda contains sodium, but seltzer doesn’t. Tonic water has added sweeteners. Flavored sparkling water may contain citric acid plus sweeteners and caffeine. By now, everyone is well aware of the hazards of drinking soda, both sugary and sugar-free. But what about their less showy cousins: seltzer water, sparkling water, soda water, and tonic water? There are claims that carbonation increases calcium loss…