Guys!!! How to Handle a Lady that is Seeing Her Period

Loading… With mood swings, lots of pain, and emotional breakdowns, it’s got to be hard for men to deal with a woman on her period. A woman’s period is surely not her favorite part of the month. We must admit that lots of arguments and issues may take place between a man and his woman due to her sensitivity and mood swings during her period. Because every man should know to deal…

October 25, 2017

Nine(9) Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Probably Hiding From You

Men, Here Are 9 Secrets Your Girlfriend Is Probably Hiding From You
September 26, 2017

Loading… Relationships are great, aren’t they? Being in a stable relationship is the ultimate goal of every Man. Your Girlfriend may love you from here to Pluto but there are certain things they keep or hide from you. This is to spare your feelings or because they’re too afraid to admit what’s really on their minds. Here are 9 things women hide from their partners: 1. She still checks up on…


Three(3) reasons to opt for a vaginoplasty if you really want to change something down there!

Should you go for vaginoplasty
September 21, 2017

Loading…  Vaginoplasty is an invasive cosmetic procedure that helps to reshape and rejuvenate the female genitals, in case you need to give some attention down there for medical or aesthetical reasons. We don’t realise but a lot happens to our vagina as we age and go through different phases of life – puberty, adolescence, pregnancy childbirth, pre-menopause, and menopause. Overtime vaginal muscles become weak and lose their elasticity. When this…


Ladies!!! Five(5) Things Your Discharge Is Trying to Tell You

September 19, 2017

Loading… Most days, you might not give vaginal discharge a second thought — and that’s a good thing. After all, it’s probably not your favorite thing in the world to think about. And if there’s nothing particularly noticeable about it, that usually means everything’s running normally. But what if you notice a sudden change in the color, odor, or texture? Here’s how to decode your discharge, and what it can tell…


Some of the Fantastic Benefit in Dating Mature Ladies!

September 11, 2017

Loading… I knew I was studying the right course in the university when our lecturer at the time, Dr. Ekeanyanwu Nnamdi (probably the best teacher I’ll ever have) mentioned that a journalist had to have a “nose for news” and “an eye for detail”. I certainly have all of that, including an ear for the most silent whispers. I notice and hear EVERYTHING. Matter of fact, I once narrated an…


Ladies!!! Ways to satisfy men in marriage

September 8, 2017

Loading… Different factors have been adduced for brake up of marriages, one of which is when the husband is no longer satisfied with his wife for reason best known to him. The Hope spoke with some married men on what can make them go back on their marital vows to women they once cherished and promised to love till death do them apart. They revealed that for any man to…