There Is More To Life Than Him

Twenty20 / @Empireofj
October 12, 2017

Loading… Twenty20 / @Empireofj There is more to life than love. There’s more to life than finding your soulmate at 24, and getting married by 30. There’s more than just settling down in your early twenties and staying stagnant. There is so much more to life than that. There is more to life than the boy you pine over. Because you see, this boy that you madly love, is only a…


Eight(8) Ways Your Sex Life Can Be More Enjoyable

September 30, 2017

Loading… If your bedroom action could use a boost, you’re not alone. A whopping 59 percent of men and women say they want to make their sex lives more playful and fun, according to a new survey released today by International Communications Research and sponsored by We-Vibe. But if most people are craving more excitement in bed, why are we still having run-of-the-mill sex? Many couples are afraid to switch…


Ten(10) sexy, new ideas to bring passion back in your life!

Spice up your sex life
September 20, 2017

Loading… You’ve wooed, courted and done all things romantic with your partner but now your love life has reached a plateau. The bedroom which was once your sex haven has now become a room to crash after a hard day’s work. Don’t let monotony set in and put an end to your bedroom romp. You can spice things up and get that passion back in your sex life with innovative…