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Steps in Order To Save Your Marriage Relationship

When it becomes clear that your marriage is at risk of trouble, don’t give up hope for it’s rarely past too far in order to save a married relationship as lengthy as you and your partner put an attempt in it. However, using the emotional trauma and heartaches you’re experiencing, sometimes you might take some […]

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Seven(7) Key Elements of a Successful Relationship

No two individuals are alike; yet, we build successful relationships with others. We do this by accepting and respecting our differences, while focusing on the aspects that bind us together. This basis is visible in every successful relationship in the form of these 7 unmissable characteristics. 1. Ability to communicate without hesitation Couples in a […]

Common Relationship Problems

Relationships Problems and How to Solve Them

Relationships are never easy. It is not all the time rainbows and butterflies, and life is not always happy and perfect. There will always be bumps and obstacles along the way but these are the things that make a relationship even stronger. If a couple knows how to deal with these problems and trials, there […]

Eight(8) Ways to Get Your Crush to Like You

When you have a crush, the first thing you would want to happen is for them to like you back. And finding out that they have feelings for you is more than enough to make you go crazy. But what if it isn’t the case? What if they only look at you as a friend? […]

Four(4) Things that Could Kill Your Relationship

After 40 years of researching marriage and working with couples on workshops, psychology professor emeritus and writer John Gottmancan tell whether your marriage will succeed or fail after listening to you for five minutes. The scary thing? He’s usually right, with a 91 per cent accuracy rate. Gottman, who was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, now shares […]

Exclusive Dating Languages for Lovers

Say anything and have it mean anything? A wise man once said “if you can make a woman laugh, you can get her to do anything” or as I rephrase this quote, perhaps “anything?” Cue the puns, double entendres, innuendo, playful nudges and pokes––not the Facebook kind––the banter frame is in the house! This conversational […]

Lack of Intimacy Can Destroy Relationships. Find out How?

Lack of intimacy can destroy relationships although some of you guys may think that sex is not everything in a relationship. But deep down inside you, you will feel that there is something missing without intimacy. Then, you will start to have negative thoughts in your mind, which will affect your relationships in some way […]

Ten(10) Things You have Being doing/not Being doing of which You Need to Start doing now to Avoid Cheating in Your Relationship

1. Always let him know how much you love him Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to begin to develop a false sense of security. You should never forget that even though he’s a man, he still has feelings. Most women may start to take their men for […]

Happy Friendship Day Msg

Happy Friendship Day Msg for Friends & Lover

On this Happy Friendship Day, 2017 share the sweetness of your friendship with our beautiful collection of Happy Friendship Day Msg in English for your lovely friends & for your loved once. In India and a few other countries Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and this year, the day falls on 6th August […]

Lovers:What Really Attracted You To Each Other

Yesterday I was having a session with a client of mine: Beautiful young woman who happened to come in with her boyfriend. It was unexpected but since he was there, and we had been working on relationship issues with her lately, I thought it would be a good idea that they both come in since […]