If You accept These Three(3) Lies About Sex, You’ll Struggle To Find Love

January 28, 2018

Loading… Are you looking for true love? If the answer is yes, but you’re having casual sex with one or more partners, you have a choice to make: carry on having casual sex or focus on finding true love? This isn’t about being a virgin bride, nor is it about any moral questions surrounding sex outside of marriage, women’s rights or sexual freedom. Rather, it’s an honest review of casual…


See Why Some Men Face cardiac arrest during or after Sex

December 21, 2017

Loading… A study revealed that men with a history of cardiovascular disease may be more at risk of facing sudden cardiac arrest during or after s*x and this occurs without warning. The findings showed that although the incidence is very rare, survival rates in such cases remain low. this is the usually because there will be need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which could save more lives. The researchers, Sumeet…