Ten(10) Simple Ways to Tell a Guy You aren’t interested in Him

August 9, 2018

Loading… Telling a guy straight out that you aren’t interested in him can feel terrible. Use these tips on how to tell a guy you don’t like him to do it right. One of the most horrible feelings is not being in love with someone who adores you. We have all stayed in a relationship a little longer than we should, either out of fear or the desire not to…


Seven(7) Things That Happen To Your Body During Sex

January 2, 2018

Loading… S3x is one experience that never leaves you the same any time you indulge in it. The racing heart, the urge to nap immediately, the calmness… Experts say the feelings that trail S3xual desires and the actual act of S3xitself to the point of Org*sm and beyond are full of physiological reactions from head to toes Clinical associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr. Lauren Streicher, notes that there are so many organs…


What Your Favorite Sex Style say about You

December 29, 2017

Loading… For example, your predilection toward doggy style indicates that you “have a real disdain toward women, and you try and degrade them any chance you get” — an assessment that is really kind of degrading to both men and women in and of itself. Sure, it’s a joke. But it’s a joke that supports the very worst, most harmful assumptions about men’s sexuality. I could go on and on…


Five(5) Tips for Parents Looking to Rekindle Their Sex Lives

November 27, 2017

Loading… I wanted to call this post something “mature” yet catchy, like “When Sex Can’t Be the Band-Aid.” My husband, however, suggested “From Ballin’ to Crawlin:’ Can Your Relationship Survive Without Sex?” Because, the thing is: I’m not a “sex” writer. Nope. I’m a mom, and a yogi, and a this and a that — but I don’t write about sex. Except for now I do, and I will — about something that I believe fully…


See How Negative Self Talk Can Kill Your Sex Life!

October 8, 2017

Loading… He’s kissing your neck and rubbing your shoulders. You are deep in the throes of passion as his kisses go lower and he starts fondling your breasts. The ecstasy is building uncontrollably and your breathing deepens as you get ready to moan with pleasure. Out of nowhere a voice inside your head says,”Do my underarms smell ok?” OH NO! Not this again! The inner voice takes over and says…