Ten(10) Things You Should Stop Doing in Your Relationship Immediately

Dont's in a relationship
February 10, 2018

Loading… Are you in a toxic relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Toxic means it is draining your energy, giving you a headache, and choking you. You love him/her, but sometimes you want to break loose from the relationship. Before considering a breakup, you have to find out what makes your relationship toxic and try your best together to eliminate those reasons. Below are some of the things that you must stop doing…


Ten(10) Reasons Women Are Better Than Men

October 20, 2017

Loading… 1. Women “grow” other human beings inside them Women have the capability to grow an entire new person inside them. Men on the other hand make sperms that look like tadpoles and don’t even know which way to go until they accidentally budge into an egg inside the female’s body. That is all the role they play while a woman carries a “moving”, “kicking”, “grown” baby inside her! 2. They…