True Love vs. Fake Love: 20 Differences You Must Know

true love and lovers
February 10, 2018

Loading… To find a true lover who can give you real love, you have to know what true love is. To attract and keep him/her, you have to give a genuine love in return. Knowing how to distinguish pure love from false love will give you wisdom on how to build a long-lasting relationship and avoid the toxic ones. Such insight will also keep you away from futile suffering due to loving the…


22 Signs of True Love in a Relationship

true love in a relationship
February 10, 2018

Loading… Do you want to know if there is true love that exists within your romantic relationship? The following signs will give you confidence that the love you and your partner have in your relationship is real. 1. There is a sense of sacrifice. You are ready to give up your comfort zone, important possessions, self-centered ambitions, and even your own happiness to make your partner happy and your relationship…


The Main Signs of a True Love in a Relationship

12 Real Signs Of True Love In A Relationship
February 8, 2018

Loading… True love is the true definition of a perfect romance. But it’s not easy to find. Do you see these 12 signs of true love in your own relationship? By Elizabeth Arthur True love isn’t felt in a heartbeat or in a second glance. True love takes time to take shape. And contrary to popular belief, love at first sight isn’t really love at all. In fact, love at…


How Do Men Show Their Love?

Exactly How Men Really Show Their Love
December 19, 2017

Loading…  This article is designed to do one thing: answer the question “How do men show their love?” By the end of this article, you’ll be able to see the love that he is (or isn’t) showing you much more clearly, and have a much better idea of whether he truly loves you or not.Usually, when a woman is trying to figure out how men show their love (and by…


Ways Love Addiction Can Cause You From Finding True Love

December 1, 2017

Loading… Love addiction is a tricky thing. You can convince yourself that you just love love. But if your love of love, romance, dating and a bad partner start to interfere with your life, you have to admit that you have a problem. Perhaps the saddest thing about having a love addiction is that it puts a barrier between you and real love. It prevents you from finding a partner with whom…


My Open Relationship Fulfills Me. Here’s How I Cope With Jealousy

November 2, 2017

Loading… Within a few minutes to talking to don9ja Meyers, it’s obvious why she’s the fitness instructor New York City can’t get enough of. Her voice is soft yet encouraging, she laughs easily, and she’s an open book: She won’t leave any questions unanswered, no matter how ridiculous or personal. If you’re going to work your core in ways you never thought possible, who better to do it with? Her never-not-sold-out workout classes…


Finding Love Again After a Heartbreak – How to Let Go and Open Your Heart for a New Love

October 20, 2017

Loading… Accept that getting hurt is part of loving someone.  First heartbreak is often the most devastating but it doesn’t mean that the next one will be less painful but we learn from our heartbreak and became stronger. Of course you are not anticipating another heartbreak but the thing is, it is inevitable and every time we fall in love there is a possibility to get hurt. Accept that getting…