Ten(10) Simple Ways to Tell a Guy You aren’t interested in Him

August 9, 2018

Loading… Telling a guy straight out that you aren’t interested in him can feel terrible. Use these tips on how to tell a guy you don’t like him to do it right. One of the most horrible feelings is not being in love with someone who adores you. We have all stayed in a relationship a little longer than we should, either out of fear or the desire not to…


Three(3) Reasons Egyptian Couples Love Having a Small, Intimate Wedding!

October 31, 2017

Loading… When it comes to Egyptian weddings, some people totally believe that bigger is better, while others are certain that less is more! We recently noticed that small, intimate weddings have become so popular in Egypt; more and more couples are keeping their guest lists limited to close family and friends. While the reasons may vary between saving money or wanting to have a cozy celebration, deciding to throw a small, intimate wedding might…


List of Sexy Things to Do for a Wedding Night You’ll Always Remember

October 25, 2017

Loading… A perfect wedding night is the aim of every bride and groom, and achieving it is very easy if you follow some pretty simple tips. So, hear us up brides-to-be, leave the stress away, and think of your wedding night in a romantic way. Your wedding night is the first night you’ll be officially united with your husband under one roof, and you’ll be able to share and explore new feelings together. So,…


Proven Reasons Why Most Women Cry on Their Wedding Day

October 18, 2017

Loading… Have you ever wondered why women cry on their wedding day or why we generally cry when we are happy? It has always been called tears of joy but why do the tears flow when we are supposed to be happy? This question seems to have been answered by Psychologists at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. So if you want to know why your wife cried during your…


Seven(7) Tips To Avoid Messing Up Your Wedding Proposal

Kim James
October 6, 2017

Loading… Today, wedding proposals have elevated to Hollywood-inspired and Kleenex required moments shared across a plethora of reposts. No matter how extravagant or intimate the wedding proposal may be, it boils down to 7 important rules. With the help of Karen and Kimberly, professional proposal planners in Toronto and Vancouver at Luxe Proposals, they share their most important tips before taking the big step. Photo Credit Kim James Photography 1. Site Visit –…


Ten(10) things i Would have known Before my Wedding

September 13, 2017

Loading… 1. No one cares how skinny you are except you. Exactly zero people at your wedding are looking at how flat your stomach is, or the way the back of your arms jiggle when you hold your arm up in front of a mirror and try to jiggle it. You’re not going to walk down the aisle, look into a mirror, and pinch and jiggle your body until you’re thoroughly…