Six(6) Tips for Women About Courtship

April 8, 2018

Loading… Courtship is a phase in a couple’s relationship that takes place before they get engaged and get married. It is during this time that the couple takes the time to get to know each other better, and this is also the part where they make the decision of whether they will be taking their relationship to the next level, which is the married life. While many people today do…


3 Reasons Wives Should Always Praise Their Husbands Everyday

March 28, 2018

Loading… Praise is an essential ingredient to a healthy, happy marriage. Building one another up on a daily basis is a surefire way to build intimacy and keep your love alive for years to come. Couples who praise each other feed the positive energy in their marriages. They’re happier, more secure, and more unified in their relationship. On the other hand, couples who don’t bother to give one another praise…