Why Women Cheat – 4 Reasons Why a Woman Cheats on Her Man

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November 26, 2017

Loading… Are you trying to understand what you did to deserve the agony and embarrassment of being cheated on? Are you floundering as you try to figure out why your woman cheated on you, and whether you can trust her again? Here are a few thoughts to help you understand your partner. Basic Instincts: Sexual Preferences Women have crazy sexual desires too – just like men do, but few girls…


How to Become a More Confident Woman You Always Desire

November 6, 2017

Loading… When you become a more confident woman, you’re definitely ten times sexier! Every woman has a shy side, and a daring one too. In celebration of International Women’s Day, why not embrace your inner Beyonce and become more comfortable in your own skin? Because confidence speaks louder than words, here’s how to become a more confident woman and shine on. 1. Learn to say no. The feel of knowing what you want,…


Twelve(12) Ways to Feel Sexy Again After Child Birth

October 26, 2017

Loading… Have you been calculating every gram you gained in the past nine months of your pregnancy? Wondering how will you ever be able to tuck your tummy back in? Well, hear me out mommas, you can do it; you can feel sexy again after giving birth. I just need you to prepare your mind because by now, you should know that there’s nothing that you can’t do! You carried a human…


Creating An Everlasting Relationship With The Woman Of Your Dreams

October 7, 2017

Loading… If you are like most male Eligible Magazine readers, you’ve read and studied many of the informative articles that have been provided since the magazine has been published. If you are one of those dedicated readers that has taken into full consideration the excellent sources of information provided for you, then it’s possible you are probably already in a committed relationship with the woman of your dreams. Now comes…


Sad News: World’s heaviest woman is dead

September 27, 2017

Loading… Eman Abdul Atti, an Egyptian who was once known as the “world’s heaviest woman” has passed away at the age of 35 of heart attack and kidney failure at Abu Dhabi Hospital. According to medical experts at Burjeel Hospital, Eman passed away on Monday, September 25, at 4:35am due to complications from the underlying comorbid conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction. Her request for an Indian visa was…


Fifty(50) important things ladies should know about guys.

50 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew
September 3, 2017

Loading… Yes, it is true that it might be quite a challenge for women to understand men. However, once you get to know a few of the “basics”, it becomes much easier to understand a man. Well, there are some things that guys wish girls knew, and a few of these are listed below. Knowing these things and understanding them can go a long way in understanding a guy and…


Fine out!!Who Cries More When Relationship Breaks? (Man Or The Woman)

September 3, 2017

Loading… It’s a norms for the both partner to cry anytime the feelings they shared is about to go / gone haywire. But in Nigeria, we all belive out ability not to cry shows we strong and we are the baddest, but despite that we still can’t control the flow of some tears if it’s a true love. In my own opinion, Girls cry more, guys don’t, all they say is…


Ten(10) Sneaky Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer That Every Woman Needs To Know

September 2, 2017

Loading… Bladder cancer is pretty much undermined and overshadowed by cancers like skin, lung, prostate, breast, and ovarian cancer.  This is partially understandable, given that bladder cancer makes as little as 5 percent of all cancers in the U.S, compared to breast cancer which makes up 12 percent of cancer diagnosis. In addition, 40-50 percent of those over the age of 65 have skin cancer and 1 in 4 Americans…