Top Four(4) Main Reasons Why Most Women are Affraid to go into Marriage

January 27, 2018

Loading… For the most part, it does not come as a surprise to us when we hear about men who are afraid of making a lifetime commitment. But many of us give an entirely different reaction when we hear a woman is afraid of commitment. Today’s women are skeptical about saying, “I do.” Some women are against marriage because their parents went through a divorce or because they simply prefer…


Reasons Men Engage in Marriage

December 29, 2017

Loading… Pop culture and movies would have us believe that men never want to tie the knot. However, that is far from the truth. Men do indeed want to get married, and there are several reasons why. 1 – Both men and women want marriage: Although sentiments like “I never want to make a commitment!” and “I love my freedom!” are commonly used in movies and on TV, the reality…