Five(5) Things Your Girlfriend would not let You to know guys


No matter how much your woman loves you, there are secrets she will never reveal to you. Never!

Here are Five secrets that your girlfriend won’t let you know ever.

1. They Love To Be Chased

Yes, it is a fact. Women like to be chased. They want their ‘man’ to chase her, willing to do everything to get her. Girls just love this feeling that they are that much important for a man.
It’s not that, girls just want to be chased and
not caught, but they don’t want that feeling to
go away, even after they are caught by their
‘right man’.
Women want men to woo them. They don’t
want to get trapped by some insincere person.
So, before quitting this chase game and before
submitting themselves, they really want to
make sure that the person has what it takes to
be their ‘right guy’.

2. They Love It When You Are Jealous

Your girlfriend will never give you an idea of
how much she loves the look on your face when
you are jealous. They are not looking for a
crazy maniac jealous man, but someone who is
possessive about them.
If you find your girl flirting lightly with a
dashing guy in a party or at the bar, she just
wants to hear ‘you are mine’ from you. Yes,
these women do have this twisted idea of
winning their guy by flirting with others.
Once you tell them about your feeling of
jealousy they will come running to you happy
and satisfied. They have achieved what they
wanted from their flirting game.

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3. They Send Out Mixed Signals


It is one of the most complexed traits of women.
They are communicators, but you have to be very vigilant to read between the lines when communicating with your girlfriend.
If they say they are ‘OK’, it is mostly the other way around. Women do send out mixed signals and they want their man to figure it out on his own. It can be their psychology, hormones or nature; but women are like this.
If you sense a problem, ask her and if her
answer is a brief sentence like ‘I am fine’, or
‘I’m just okay’, then gear yourself up because there is something wrong, for sure. And the main issue is she will not let you know what the actual problem is. She wants you to figure it out and then deal with it.
Mostly, women want their significant other to put in the effort to get her to talk about her issues. Dig deep, get connected with her at a deeper level, only then you will be really communicating with her.
Women are made this way and they can’t help it. So, you need to work on this to make your relationship strong and successful

4. They Feel Insecure

Insecurity is a built-in feeling that every girl
has. Girls always feel insecure that their man might fall for another girl. They might never let you know how they feel when you are in close interaction with other girls, but they do feel insecure.
And don’t ever try to play the ‘jealous game’
with your girlfriend. She will be more insecure in her relationship with you. Don’t pay more attention to any other girl/woman than you do to your girlfriend. Never ever give too many compliments or positive remarks about another girl in front of your girl. She is definitely not
going to like it.

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5. They Compare It All With The Ex

Consciously or unconsciously, women are
always comparing their present love with their ex. They take ages to get over their ex
boyfriends. But definitely, she is not going to let you have an idea about this, ever.
Women do realise that past relationships need to be forgotten in order to move on with life.
They usually forgive their exes but can’t help forgetting the details about him and their relationship with him. They are constantly comparing their present relationship and their life partner with their ex, and most of the time it is you who wins, but they can’t just help comparing the two of you.

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Author: Don9ja