Reasons People Get Stuck Together During Sex

People getting stuck during s3x is not a new phenomenon as it has become very popular and rampant these days and while many people believe that getting stuck is the work of a witchdoctor and juju, medics and researcher think otherwise. This usually happens with people having extramarital escapades or when partners are not comfortable during s3x.

According to research, getting stuck occurs when muscles in the vag!na clamp down on the p3nis firmly making it impossible for the p3nis to withdraw from the vag!na and this condition is known as p3nis captivus and during penis captivus, the p3nis gets engorged with more blood making it hard to stop erecting. Basically,  p3nis captivus is as a result of vaginismus.

The woman has vaginismus sometimes known as vaginism or genito-pelvic pain disorder and the sufferers of vaginismus are in pains when anything penetrates their vag!na and the spasm is involuntary, the degree of vaginismus varies as there are primary and secondary conditions. Below are some causes of vaginismus.

Inflammation of the vag!na

Urinary tract infection and vag!nal yeast infection

S3xual abuse(rape or attempted rape and s3xual abuse)

Domestic violence

Perception of small vag!na

Fear of detection

Fear of large p3nis

Here are things to do when couples get stuck during s3x.

P3nis captivus following vaginismus requires an enormous concentration from the copulating partners and these steps will help release them.

The couple should stop penetration and gyration as involuntary spasm by an abused woman who is uncomfortable about s3x can happen anytime.

Wait for a few seconds hoping the muscle of the vag!na wall will relax and the engorged p3nis will flatten.

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Thinking about things unrelated to s3x can allegedly help the blood flow away from the penis making it limp, so take your minds away from s3x or erotic things and see if the distraction will lead to separation.

If you are still stuck, scream for help and call for emergency medical attention.

While waiting for medical attention, try not to move or do anything or let people around you carefully get you to the hospital.

Author: Don9ja