Three(3) Ways Guys with Small Manhood can Satisfy a Woman

Does size really matter to girls? The answer to this question varies from person to person. It matters at the beginning stage of an affair. But we also have a lot of girls that regard more of performance making it to matter more than size. I know you
must also agree with me that the size of your penis will give a girl mouth-watering first time impression. If you are the kind of person searching for a way to increase the size of your manhood, you are not alone. There are proven ways to create the illusion of a bigger penis if you do not want to go for surgery, pills, pumps, exercises or other penis enlargement methods you can find in the market today. Nevertheless, there are others ways which you can use to please a girl if you have a small penis better than someone that has a bigger one. We are going to look into these three aspects inside this article.

Step 1

If you have a small penis and you need a way to please a woman with your small dick, you should begin from the shallow ending while having sex with her. If one of the major grounds why you need a large penis is to please your partner, there are some things which you can do to make your partner think you have got a big dick. At the time of intercourse, concentrate on the closer outer region of your lady’s vagina. The initial 2 to 4 inches of her vagina region are known as the most sensitive region. You can work your thing more at this spot and it will make her feel as you have got a big thing and in return you will give her maximum satisfaction.

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Step 2


You have to try to lose fat. If you have got fat around your pubic bone, this could be one of the reason why your dick appears to be small. Just as a lot of persons will say that each centimeter matters, same as the ones that is covered by your flab. I believe that there is some atom of fact in the saying that goes “burning fat aids to enlarge the size of the penis”.

Step 3

You need to start from this moment to begin to shave your thing and make it smooth. Outside of fat, hair can also make your penis to look small. You can use a clipper to trim your pubic hairs and you will be able amazed on how the true size of your thing will show. Apart from making it to look cleaner, it can also make you appear larger. You can apply this method to enhance your small penis in order to please a woman looking for a bigger dick.

Author: Don9ja