Cool Sex Positions to Keep Him Longer in Bed Naturally

If you don’t want the party to finish too early then there’s some moves you should use – and one you should definitely steer clear of.

It’s common for women to take longer to reach orgasm than men, so delaying your climax with some strategic positions could boost your sex life and her enjoyment.

But before you begin make sure to indulge in plenty of foreplay because it’ll help loosen you both up, meaning you’ll be less nervous when it comes to the actual act.

Here are the cool sex positions to keep him longer in bed:1. Woman on Top

In case you haven’t tried this position before, it’s when a woman goes on top and straddles her partner.

The move, also known as cowgirl, is great for holding off ejaculation because it gives the woman more control.

It lets her set the speed and if she thinks that you’re getting close, she can lean forward and rest on her elbows.Not only will that increase the chance of him hitting the G-spot, but it will make the penetration less deep.

Leaning forward also means that you can get more intimate and focus more on kissing and touching.

2. The Cross

For this position, the man has to lie on side facing the woman. Then she lies on her back at a right angle to him, draping her legs over his hips.

It delays the guy’s arousal because he can’t move as easily by being on his side. Having limited motion means the man won’t be able to get carried away or climax too quickly.

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The cross is an easy and relaxed position which can also be used to switch things up during a long and steamy session.


3. Spooning

To get into the spooning position you should both lay down facing the same way, with the man’s pelvis a little lower than the woman’s.

This manoeuvre puts him in charge, creating shallow penetration and slower motions so he won’t get too excited.

4. Side By Side

This one is similar to the spooning position except you’re laying on your sides facing each other.

It’s a very close and intimate position which won’t get him too overstimulated because the penetration isn’t too deep.

Not only will the sex last longer but you’ll also be able to communicate what feels good face-to-face while both being in control of the situation.

Avoid: Doggy Style

This is when a woman is on her hands and knees and the man penetrates her from behind, but it’s not a good idea because the man has all of the power and leverage.

If you’re trying to prolong your sex session then cut out doggy style because it’ll make him climax too quickly.

Author: Don9ja