Mistakes Men make went choosing a life partner

It’s no wonder that the divorce rate is rocketing everyday. Most times the women can’t be blamed for this but the men. Some women go into marriages not knowing the real reason why their men ended up with them. Sometimes, they believe it’s because of love but it isn’t. Some men are predisposed to making these three major mistakes while choosing a life partner:

1) They go for 20/80 instead of 80/20: This means that some men while choosing a life partner look out for ephemeral and temporal things like physical beauty in a woman instead of virtues. Beauty is vain and does not last but a woman who fears God brings joy to her husband. Choosing a woman because of her looks as your life partner is making a grievous mistake because one day that beauty will fade and what will you have left?. Go for a woman that will complement you, bring out the best in you and make you a happy man.

2) Choosing the certificate or vocation not the woman: This means that some men actually make the mistake of going after a woman because of her profession or occupation. Being married to a woman with a nice profession should be a plus not a yardstick for love. It’s quite appalling to see some men day they are searching for a nurse, doctor, lawyer etc as a wife without checking how compatible you people are. Don’t go for the profession or work, love her first then her profession and others can follow.

3) Thinking you owe that person: This is the greatest mistake of all. Choosing the person out of pity. Probably you feel you guys have been together for long or the person has done so much for you so you can’t leave her. But remember marriage is not a game. It’s better to leave the person now than marry her out of pity and live in regret forever. You will be doing both yourself and the lady in question no good by marrying her out of pity.

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Hence before you say I do, male sure it’s not for any of the reasons above.

Author: Don9ja