Remedy for weak Erection

Most of us men naturally understand the pain that comes from failing during sex without the woman telling us.

Weak Erection is a crime against a mans sense of manliness and thus it is only fair that we look for ways to avoid its embarrassment.
Today we shall be discussing on Home Remedies For Weak Erection and hopefully, a little tweak on your life style would do the trick.

1. Alcohol And Weak Erection.

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Our first Home Remedy For Weak Erection is “ALCOHOL”. We all like the liquor for lots of reasons.
Soccer and a chill bottle of beer is a must and also there is this false perception of how alcohol works wonders in the bedroom.
But that is not entirely true!
Take a shot or two of alcohol and your sex drive would really reach the heights but (here is the issue) take too much of it and Weak Erection would become your room mate.
In fact too much of alcohol leads to erectile dysfunction.
Alcohol is bad for your sex life if taken in excess. Period!
So the key here is moderation. Do not binge on alcohol or your sex life would become marred by Weak Erection.
Be warned, too much alcohol infects our organs and in this case our sex organs with toxins that affects their performance.
Even more alcohol is a depressant that affects Erection strength, reduces your desire for sex and also dampens your mood.

2. Smoking And Weak Erection.

Weak Erection, Nigerian Health Blog,

First thing first, smoking affects our blood vessels. Smoking of any sort leads to atherosclerosis, which is the plaguing of the arteries.
A condition that causes a decrease in blood flow to our manhood. It kills the veins ability to expand during Erection.
With that being said it is fact that smokers are more likely to be affected by erectile dysfunction than nonsmokers.

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3. Masturbation And Weak Erection

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Masturbation is a temporary relief that does more damage than good.


Do you know that those sweet moments of masturbation can lead to Thinning Hair, Weak Erection and chronic fatigue?
Yes your hands and penis can do that to you.
Over stimulation of your penis leads to an eventual softness in a persistent kind of way. And it also leads to hormonal imbalance.
Over masturbation causes the body to use up more testosterone than it can make. Without proper levels of testosterone our Erection levels would always be Weak.
So stop it and see Weak Erection in your life become a thing of the past.

4. Body Fat And Weak Erection

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Body fat is also a signal of low testosterone and low testosterone means that our penis cannot be at its best.
Testosterone is the male hormone that gives men their manliness and features. From the age of thirty the testosterone levels begin to plummet.
Leading to weaker and weaker Erection.
The less body fat we carry, the more testosterone our body would produce.
So you see if for nothing else, the preservation of our penile erectile strength should be enough reason to eat healthy and live healthy.
Cut the fat in any way you know how to, increase the Testosterone level and say bye bye to Weak Erection in your life.

5. Exercise And Weak Erection

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Here is the drill, when we exercise, our body produces Testosterone and when we make it a constant part of our lives, we get to see a daily by daily increase of our testosterone levels.
By exercising we get to burn body fats more quicker than just dieting.
So be good to yourself and visit the gym more often.

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6. Stress And Weak Erection

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When stress kicks in a lot of things go wrong in the body. It becomes the onset of anxiety and also the rise of the hormone cortisol.
Cortisol causes an increase in body fat and that means, for those who already know, an increase in estrogen levels in the body.
And seriously too much estrogen is bad for any man.
So avoid stress by all means possible.
*Sleep More

Author: Don9ja